Matchsaver Tennis Court Covers

Protect Your Outdoor Tennis Courts

Protect your outdoor tennis court surfaces with Matchsaver tennis court covers.

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world with grand slam tennis championships such as the Wimbledon Championships huge sporting and cultural events. Socially tennis is growing in popularity pretty much everywhere so if you have an outdoor tennis court you will naturally want to keep it in good playing condition throughout the year. So whether you are a member of a tennis club or use a private tennis court Matchsaver’s tennis court covers can protect your court from the worst of the weather and help keep it in good condition for longer.

Tennis Court Cover

Tennis court half covered with Matchsaver waterproof tennis court cover.

The vagaries of the weather and climatic conditions will eventually take its toll on all tennis court surfaces so regardless of what type of surface you may have it is essential to keep your courts in good order. Regular professional cleaning is not cheap and replacing a tennis court surface can be extremely expensive.

Outdoor tennis courts can suffer from various problems including:

  • Surface damage, including cracks and water pools (sunken areas leading to water collection)
  • Poor drainage and various water management issues.
  • Premature wear or damage due to UV exposure including cracking.
  • Deterioration of all types of artificial tennis court surfaces including degrading texture, fading, stains, mould or mildew growth.
  • Organic debris contamination with fallen leaves, sap and seeds are a particular problem if your court is located near trees and hedgerows. Needless to say Autumn can be particularly difficult to deal with.
  • Natural grass tennis courts can suffer from moisture control issues and they can be difficult to keep dry and playable.

Keeping your court surface regularly cleaned is an important task and whether you wish to protect natural or synthetic surfaces Matchsaver tennis court covers are a cost-effective solution.

Permeable covers and waterproof covers

We have two types of cover material available, permeable and waterproof.

Panoramic Tennis Courts

Permeable (green cover) and waterproof tennis court covers are available

Permeable covers are suitable for protecting your court against frost and organic debris. Heavy duty waterproof covers will keep your tennis court dry and help keep frost and debris contamination at bay. The standard size for both our permeable and waterproof covers is 14m x 14m. The permeable covers weigh approximately 30kgs each with the waterproof covers approximately 40kgs each. When not in use the covers can be folded up and stored away. These simple to use pull-on covers are available now in stock.

Air Rollers

Matchsaver air roller

Matchsaver air rollers are available to cover larger areas. They can be used with either the permeable or waterproof covers – as seen here.

Additionally inflatable air rollers to help with deploying the covers are available as an option. The standard air roller size is 15.5m in length and approximately 1m in diameter. The air rollers need to be inflated before the covers can be deployed with inflation taking only a few minutes. The covers are attached to the air rollers via heavy duty velcro strips so allowing for the covers to be rolled on and off the court. When not in use the air roller can be deflated to be kept at a either a discreet distance from the playing area, or can be folded up and removed to a suitable storage area.

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