Matchsaver Pull-on Football Pitch Covers

10m x 8m Goal Area and Centre Circle pitch covers

10m x 8m goal area pitch covers

Matchsaver 10m x 8m Goal Area Pitch Covers

Matchsaver 10m x 8m Goal Area Covers specification:

  • UV stabilised multi-layered polymer material.
  • Water-resistant and rot resistant.
  • Clear and translucent, cover material stable between -35 and + 60 Degrees C.
  • Circa 70% light transmission to aid germination on natural grass.
  • Reinforced perimeter webbing with eyelets every 1m.

One 10m x 8m Matchsaver pull-on pitch cover is designed to cover your goalkeeping or centre circle area. It will keep water away from those worn areas and help keep turf germinating throughout the winter months. Also by buying multiples of these pitch covers larger areas of your pitch can be covered and be protected from the worst of the weather. Each cover weighs approximately 15kgs and is supplied with eyelets fitted as standard. This product is currently in use at English Premiership and Championship clubs plus non-league English and Welsh clubs. The covers are delivered by courier ready to be deployed to help protect those hard working areas of the pitch.

14m x 14m Standard Modular Pitch Covers.

14m x 14m Matchsaver pitch covers

14m x 14m Matchsaver Covers in use with Matchsaver Air Rollers (see below)

Made from the same material as the goal area covers the Matchsaver 14m x 14m pitch covers are modular and can be attached together to cover larger areas according to need and budget. Contact us for more information

If you need to cover larger areas of your pitch or need to cover an entire full size pitch then Matchsaver have two other options:

Matchsaver Air Roller Covers. These products are currently in use with football clubs across Europe including Werder Bremen, Wolfsburg, Malmo, Halmstad, Leipzig and many more.

English National League clubs AFC Barrow, Dover Athletic and Altrincham FC have all been using  Matchsaver air roller pitch covers to help keep more of their matches on in English non-league football. For more information on the Air Roller Covers go to the products page or call us on +44(0)1642 718945.

Matchsaver Air Roller Covers

Matchsaver Air Roller Covers being deployed.

Matchsaver Automated Pitch Protection (APP) The prestigious Automated Pitch Protection is in use right now with some of the biggest clubs in world football including Chelsea, Real Madrid and Torino. For more information on the Automated Pitch Protection go to the products page.

Matchsaver Automated Pitch Covers

Matchsaver Automated Pitch Protection being deployed

A lot of work goes into maintaining sports pitches behind the scenes by dedicated staff and volunteers who care for both natural and artificial turf throughout the year. Matchsaver have designed their football pitch covers to help make sure fixtures take place when they are meant to. Matchsaver offer solutions to fit your pitch cover requirements and your budget. So if you need football pitch covers to protect your football or rugby pitch from rain or snow then call Matchsaver today on +44 (0) 1642 718945.