Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of the most frequently asked questions about Matchsaver appear below.

Q. Tell me about Matchsaver Covers?

A. Matchsaver Covers, and covering Systems are manufactured and supplied exclusively by the MMC Group (est 1963), to protect sports fields from adverse weather. Our Pitch Covers are widely regarded as the most effective on the market, protecting pitches in many of Europe’s leading football stadiums. Our customers include, Real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea FC, Athletico Madrid, Torino and Malmo etc. as well as countless amateur and grass roots sports clubs, including cricket, tennis, rugby, bowls equestrian and hockey etc.

Q. What range of Products do Matchsaver offer? 

A. We manufacture three main types of weather-proof covers, designed to fit any sized outdoor sporting venue regardless of the sport or type of surface as follows:

Matchsaver APP (Automated Pitch Protection System)

Our ‘Top of the Range’ remote controlled, automated covering system. The Matchsaver APP is widely regarded as the world’s most advanced and effective covering system and is suited to professional clubs playing at the highest levels in Sport.

Matchsaver ARS (Air Roller System)

The Air Roller System (ARS) is a manual version of the Automated Pitch Protection System, bringing with it many of the APP’s benefits. The ARS is a popular choice among professional, Semi-Profession grass roots sports clubs looking for a quick and easy way to protect their pitch, with the benefit of being able to store the covers neatly on the Air Rollers.

Matchsaver ‘Pull-On Covers’

Our ‘Pull-On’ Covers are made to suit the tightest of budgets, making them suitable for clubs at all levels, ensuring their fixtures and training sessions go ahead regardless of the weather.

‘Matchsaver Covers can help to keep your pitch in perfect condition all year round, so whether you’re looking to protect natural grass or synthetic, your training ground or stadium, Matchsaver has it covered!’

Q. Where can I buy Matchsaver Covers?

A. We sell our pitch covers directly, and through a global network of agents. Please contact us directly in the first instance, and we will advise if there is a Matchsaver agent in your country.

Q. Can Matchsaver Covers be used to protect different outdoor sporting venues?

A. Yes, Matchsaver Products are used to protect most outdoor sporting venues including Football, Rugby, Athletics Arenas, Hockey Fields and Equestrian Centres etc.

Q. Do Matchsaver Products come with a Warranty?

A. Yes, all Matchsaver products come with a comprehensive warranty.

Q. How long do Matchsaver Covers last?

A. Matchsaver covers are tough, durable and made to last. We have covering systems and covers that have been installed for over 10 years and still being used regularly with great success. Investing in Matchsaver Products ensure your pitch will be protected for many years to come, making it a sound investment for your club.

Q. Do Matchsaver Covers protect my pitch from snow?

A. Yes, our covers protect from snow, so when snow is forecast the covers can be deployed quickly and efficiently to protect your pitch.

Q. Can Matchsaver covers be used with warm air blowers?

A. Yes, warm air can be blown under most Matchsaver Covers to help prevent the ground from freezing, as a low cost alternative to under-soil heating.

Q. Can Matchsaver Covers be used in stadiums that already have under soil heating?

A. Yes, when used in conjunction with under soil heating systems, the insulating effect of a Matchsaver cover can save significantly on under soil heating costs and Co2 emmisions, making the Covers potentially self-funding.

Q. Is the Matchsaver pitch cover waterproof?

A. Yes, Matchsaver covers are available in either water-proof, or permeable material to suit your specific requirements.