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The New Season – Pitch Protection Preparations

Matchsaver Pitch Covers

The new season is here. Clubs are preparing their pitch protection requirements.

A new season is almost here and the weather is as temperamental as ever. Scorching heatwaves have been followed by thunderstorms and days of torrential rain, with more expected over the next few weeks. New pitches have been carefully nurtured in expectation of another long hard season. Groundstaff everywhere have a difficult job at the best of times so keeping your pitch cover preparations up-to-date is crucial.

Matchsaver have both waterproof and permeable air roller pitch covers in stock, assembled and ready to go. Ideal for protecting both main and training pitches being prepared and not leaving pitch protection to the last minute always pays dividends before the weather really starts to turn.

Matchsaver covers are being used on natural grass, hybrid and synthetic pitches helping to keep them in better condition for longer.

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Matchsaver Football Pitch Covers Available Right Now

Matchsaver football pitch covers

Matchsaver Permeable Pitch Covers are ideal for training grounds

As June turns into July pitch and turf renovation is now in full swing. In the UK the heavy rain has been welcome but across Europe many areas are still suffering under a severe heatwave. However despite the conditions work has to continue and checking and renewing your pitch protection is vital.

The growing season is well underway so it seems odd discussing frost protection in the middle of summer but planning ahead is crucial. Pitch covers are an important tool for ground-staff.

Getting and using the right covers in time is key. Matchsaver permeable covers are available to help with germination and frost protection, also Matchsaver water proof covers to help keep your surfaces dry and playable. Both types of football pitch covers are delivered already assembled and ready to be deployed.

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Matchsaver Pitch Covers – Permeable Covers and Waterproof Covers in stock right now

Looking to renew your pitch protection in readiness for next season?

Matchsaver pitch protection covers

Matchsaver permeable pitch covers in use at Charlton Athletic FC.

Matchsaver pitch protection covers are ideal for encouraging germination during the summer months. Ideal for both main stadia and training grounds, both waterproof and permeable air roller pitch covers are available and are in stock, assembled and ready to ship.

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Matchsaver Pitch Covers – News Round-up Winter 2018 – 2019

Matchsaver pitch covers

Snow being removed from the Matchsaver Pitch Covers which are protecting Hamilton Academicals pitch

Remember last year’s ‘Beast from the East’? Fortunately history didn’t repeat itself quite as severely this season; at least in Europe although for both the northern United States and Canada this winter was a particularly difficult one with almost record snow coverage in many areas.

Again Matchsaver have had another busy season with more deliveries to both old and new customers across England, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and Germany. In England we welcomed new customers from the Championship and significantly more English non-league clubs including Altrincham and Spennymoor Town who took delivery of their Matchsaver pitch covers this season. The covers proved themselves by keeping more games on which helped to secure those vital revenue streams which are badly affected by postponed fixtures.

Elsewhere we held a very successful product demonstration day at another of our new customers in Scotland, Hamilton Academicals FC. Representatives from clubs across Scotland joined us at New Douglas Park to see the Air Roller 8 demonstrated on Hamilton’s synthetic surface. Also we presented Matchsaver in Moscow ahead of the 2018 World Cup. Is that really almost a year ago?

As thoughts turn from the football season to other sports (the cricket season is upon us already) groundstaff are already looking ahead and planning their requirements for next season. No doubt after a well-earned break of course.

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Matchsaver Pitch Covers – Synthetic Pitch Protection in Scotland

Matchsaver football pitch covers.

Matchsaver pitch covers fully deployed at Hamilton Academicals New Douglas Park.

Scottish Premiership side Hamilton Academical’s FC use their Matchsaver Air Roller 8 (AR8) to protect their synthetic pitch at New Douglas Park from both snow and hard frost. Head Groundsman William Watson is delighted with its’ performance. The covers have been working hard protecting against sub-zero temperatures.

“All the covers definitely stopped the pitch from freezing it was sub-zero for 4 days. And the hard work of the staff and fans helped remove the snow”

William Watson, Head Groundsman, Hamilton Academicals

Picture shows Matchsaver pitch covers fully deployed against winter conditions. More pictures are located on the website Gallery HERE.

This season Matchsaver products are in use at clubs across Europe including Getafe, Atletico Madrid, Leicester City, Southampton, Torino, Werder Bremen, AFC Bournemouth, FC Sion, Sporting Charleroi and many many more.

More delivery news to follow.

Matchsaver – Non-League Pitch Protection

Matchsaver football pitch covers at AFC Barrow

Matchsaver Pitch Covers fully deployed at AFC Barrow.

It may only be February but at the moment spring seems to have arrived here in the England. This time last year Europe was shivering under a blanket of snow courtesy of the ‘Beast from the East’ direct from Siberia. The 2019 version of the ‘Beast’ may still join us in March so here at Matchsaver we remain cautious. Elsewhere many parts of North America in particular are firmly in winter’s grip with many areas experiencing record breaking snowfall.

Rapid weather changes can play havoc with sporting fixtures. In England postponed fixtures are a real blight on the non-league game with the dreaded P –P ‘match postponed’ a common sight on snowy Saturday results programmes. Postponed matches means fixture pile-up and revenue disruption that cannot be easily replaced even with the re-arranged fixtures, therefore keeping fixtures on – if possible – is always desirable. Non-league clubs are tackling the issue. AFC Barrow, Dover Athletic, Altrincham FC and Spennymoor Town FC have all taken delivery of Matchsaver pitch covers. Football pitch covers can offer no guarantee of course but they are an effective tool in helping keep more matches on during spells of bad weather. Last season Dover Athletics’ covers helped enable their fixture against Leyton Orient to go ahead when every other fixture in their league was postponed. Contact us here at Matchsaver for more information on all our products.

More delivery news to follow.

New Matchsaver delivery to English non-league football – Spennymoor Town FC

Matchsaver pitch covers deployed at Spennymoor Town FC

Picture shows Matchsaver Air Roller 8 (AR8) pitch covers fully deployed at Spennymoor Town FC.

Matchsaver have delivered a Matchsaver Air Roller 8 to Brewery Field, home of County Durham side Spennymoor Town FC of the Vanarama National League North. The club invested in new pitch covers together with other pitch improvements to help keep more matches on through the winter months.

Spennymoor Town FC is the latest English non-league side who are now using Matchsaver Pitch Protection Covers. A list that now includes AFC Barrow, Dover Athletic and Altrincham FC.

More delivery news to follow.

New Matchsaver pitch covers delivery to Scotland – Hamilton Academicals FC

Synthetic Pitch Protection

Matchsaver pitch covers being deployed at Hamilton

Picture shows Matchsaver pitch covers being demonstrated on Hamilton’s synthetic pitch.

Scottish Premiership side Hamilton Academicals FC have taken delivery of a Matchsaver Air Roller 8 (AR8) to help protect their new synthetic pitch at New Douglas Park.
This delivery follows on from a very successful demonstration event held at Hamilton in November, where representatives from clubs across Scotland saw for themselves the effectiveness of Matchsaver Pitch Protection Covers in helping to protect pitches of all types.
Air Roller 8’s are delivered ready assembled and ready to be deployed.

More delivery news to follow soon.

New Matchsaver pitch covers delivered to Belgium – Sporting Charleroi

Matchsaver football pitch covers beign deployed at Belgian club

Picture shows new Matchsaver Air Roller 8 (AR8) being deployed at Stade du Pays

Matchsaver Pitch Protection Covers have delivered a new Air Roller 8 (AR8) to Sporting Charleroi of the Belgian Proleague. Charleroi are repeat customers of Matchsaver’s and the club were keen to update their pitch cover equipment in preparation for the approaching winter weather. Matchsaver Air Roller 8’s are delivered ready assembled so they can be deployed immediately.

More Matchsaver delivery updates will be posted here shortly.

Matchsaver Pitch Covers Demonstration Day – Hamilton Academicals FC

November 2018.

Matchsaver football covers at Hamilton Academicals FC

Matchsaver demonstrating the air roller pitch covers at Hamilton Academicals FC.

Matchsaver have held a demonstration day at New Douglas Park, home of Scottish Premiership side Hamilton Academicals FC. Interested football clubs from across Scotland attended to see first-hand how Matchsaver Pitch Protection Covers can help protect their clubs playing surfaces this winter.  The Matchsaver team demonstrated the Matchsaver air roller pitch covers and fielded questions.

Rigby Taylor were partners for the event.

More delivery news across Europe to follow.