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Matchsaver ‘Finalist Football Business Awards 2013’

Matchsaver is delighted to announce that they have been nominated for the prestigious Football Business Awards of 2013 in a Best Business Serving Football category.

‘Now in their second year the Football Business Awards were designed to celebrate excellence and acknowledge success in the business of football. The Awards recognise the essential role that business plays in football, the positive impact of football on the community and vital role played by the businesses which serve the game’
The winners will be announced on November 7th 2013 at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge.

Sporting Charleroi set the standard in Belgium

August 2013 Charleroi, Belgium

Sporting Charleroi set the standard in Belgium

Sporting Charleroi in the Jupiler Pro League, Belgium have just taken delivery of the new 2013 Matchsaver Air Roller System.The five roller system was delivered and installed in just three days in August and included full hands-on staff training in both English and French.

Winter Frost Avoidance Application

Frosted Football PitchWe know it needs to be very cold indeed to freeze sea water because it is salty. The more salt that is in there, the colder the freezing point is.

The cells that make up grass leaves are full of salty water. Different types of salt to sea water but the effect is the same. The cells of grass leaves won’t freeze in anything but the coldest of temperatures, certainly well below zero.