Matchsaver Cricket Covers

Matchsaver Cricket Covers

Matchsaver pull-on cricket pitch covers at Derbyshire CCC

Matchsaver Cricket Covers

Matchsaver air roller covers at Derbyshire CCC

Only a few 4m x 30m covers left. Contact us before they finally go on 01642 718945.

We will send 30 mushroom pegs with each remaining 4m x 30m cover to help keep your cover in place (see below)

Mushroom pegs

Mushroom pegs are handy in keeping your cover in place.

Matchsaver cricket pitch covers are tough, durable, high quality and made to last. If you’re in search of a solution to protect your cricket pitch from the elements this season, we provide the ideal products.

If your cricket pitch isn’t covered how many matches do you lose out on? The average cricket club can receive significant income in fees and bar spend from every match. Income is precious for every club so if a match has been postponed then that income just won’t be there. Therefore investing in top quality cricket pitch covers is an investment decision that is easy to make.

The Matchsaver cricket cover

Protecting your pitch from rain and frost the Matchsaver cricket cover is tough, long lasting and is the standard heavy duty pitch cover. The cover material is clear & transparent allowing 70% light transmission making it the perfect cover to encourage germination. Whilst many other covers on the market can last just one season Matchsaver cricket covers keep performing and can last for many seasons so making it a great investment for any cricket club. The covers are double hemmed on all 4 sides with eyelets every 1 metre and are normally sold in the following sizes:

Single Wicket: 3.5m x 25m, 3.5m x 30m, 3.5m x 35m

Double Wicket: 7m x 25m, 7m x 30m, 7m x 35m

Triple Wicket: 10.5m x 25m, 10.5 x 30m, 10.5m x 35m

Matchsaver cricket pitch covers

Matchsaver cricket covers are used at both county and club level

Matchsaver Cricket Cover Overview




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Matchsaver Air Rollers

For deploying larger covers Matchsaver provide tough inflatable air rollers. The standard air roller size is approx. 15m in length and 800mm in diameter. Matchsaver also provide air blowers to inflate the air rollers together with connecting tubes and valves.

Matchsaver Air Roller Covers

Matchsaver air rollers are available for deploying larger pitch covers

Matchsaver Self-fill Sandbags

Ideal for quickly holding down your cricket covers on the field. Each self-fill sandbag is approximately 800mm in length and approximately 10kgs in weight when filled. Contact us for more details.

Matchsaver sandbags

Matchsaver self-fill sandbags

Bespoke Cricket Pitch Covers

Matchsaver also offer bespoke cricket pitch covers for those clubs with more particular or more specialised requirements. You can specify a heavier or lighter grade of cover material or a different light transmission rate.  Also if you need eyelets to be in particular places around the cover then these can be tailor made to fit too. Contact Matchsaver for more details.

All of Matchsaver’s cricket covers are available as pull-on covers which are tailored to suit the size of your particular pitch. A bespoke inflatable air roller option is available to help with storing and deploying bespoke covers if needed. Again contact Matchsaver to find out more.
Matchsaver covers have been manufactured for over a decade, and supplied to all levels of cricket clubs from grass-roots to county level clubs. Call us with your cover size requirements on +44 (0) 1642 718945